Indie Author and proud Canadian, living in Western Canada. Lover of a good cup of coffee, quality chocolate and of course… a good read!

Let me tell you a bit about my journey. About two years ago, I started writing short pieces, which as many new writers will probably say… I never showed any of it to anyone.

I’ve always loved books and I learned to read at a very young age. Maybe thanks to my mom, who was an avid reader, and read to us every single night for years. As the years went by, I read more and more, and even have been in book clubs in the past. I had always thought it would be wonderful to be able to actually write a book.

So, I spent a year learning about writing, and when an idea hit, I started writing a novel. The first draft was okay, but I still felt I had far more to learn. I connected with a fellow aspiring author, and we started helping each other with editing and critiquing each others work. Then I connected with another who has also been a wonderful resource, and… I hope that journey will continue as I connect with more authors.

To get to the point where I felt confident publishing my novel took two years, but it was worth every moment. I researched and read and wrote and rewrote and rewrote chapters. I listened to the feedback I was getting from Beta readers and implemented many new ideas.

My first novel titled Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 1, was released on Amazon in December, 2016.

Forgiveness, The Hamilton Series, Book 2 was released on Amazon in March 2017.

I welcome readers from all countries as a lot of what I will write about is going to apply to each and every Indie Author out there. Please join me on my blog:

I will also be adding author interviews and book reviews, so stay tuned!